Most Popular Type of Photography

Through my research, I have found that nature photography is one of the most popular types of photography out there. People love to capture the natural beauty of Earth. Adventurers who love the outdoors and traveling especially love nature photography to show the amazing places they have visited.


Photography Styles and Their Meanings

Fashion photography is about displaying clothing and other fashion items such as shoes, bags, and jewelry.

Advertising photography is used to promote a product.

Wedding photography photos are taking of all wedding activity for the bride and groom.

Portrait photography is pictures of people.

Still life photography is of inanimate objects, usually in small groups.

Nude photography is taken of naked people as a study.

Candid photography is spontaneous  photos where the person isn’t paying attention to the camera.

Forensic photography is photos from a crime scene.

Macro photography is photos of objects up close.

Astrophotography is of astronomical objects and large areas of the night sky.

Night photography are photos taken outside  between dusk and dawn.

Photojournalism photos are used to tell a story in the news.

Nature photography is taken outdoors and includes wildlife, landscapes, and plants.


Hi, my name is Kelly Linehan. There are a lot of different types of photography out there; photographers tend to favor one type more than others. I am going to do research on some of the different types there are, how they are used differently, and what might attract photographers to the kind they favor most, rather than the many others. I think this is important because in everyone’s life they will need to use at least one type of photography, even if it’s just for a family photo. I plan to get all the information necessary to do all this research by doing a few different interviews and some research in the library and online.